On different levels and to varying degrees, we are perpetually trying to free ourselves, from feelings, experiences, circumstances, from compulsions, from each other. In Yvi Magazine #8: Liberation, we look at different kinds of liberation, means of escaping our body, spirit, fear, possessions and social positions, as well as from time, context, from being an artist, and indeed, liberation from ourselves. All of this is inextricably bound to the liberation that art can be, for its makers and for its viewers.

Yvi Magazine #8: Liberation contains work from several international artists, such as Petros Efstathiadis, Sarah Abu Abdallah, Pavel Maria Smejkal, Robert Montgomery, Laura Pannack, Petrit Halilaj, Ivan Argote, Arjan de Nooy, Roderick Hietbrink, Joachim Koester, Karlyn de Jongh, Pepa Hristova, Christophe Agou, Laurence Harms, Eric Michael Johnson, Stefan Constantinescu and Charlotte Dumas.

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