Big news: Yvi Magazine is now Tique | art paper

We are happy to announce that Yvi Magazine continues as Tique | art paper! Tique | art paper is a magazine about visual art, in print and online.

Tique | art paper aims to inspire with curated content about artists, exhibitions and publications. Tique | art paper looks more deeply, with interviews, backgrounds and essays.

In addition to our own selections and articles, each month, in ‘Tique Salon’, Tique | art paper invites a guest to curate his or her own section of the magazine, and/or more deeply explore a fascination for a specific subject.

Tique | art paper is founded by Welmer Keesmaat as a further development of Yvi Magazine.

‘Yvi Magazine was an individual project with a clearly defined purpose and content. After eight editions of Yvi Magazine, I felt the need to expand and collaborate with others. In January 2015, I began Tique, an organization for visual arts. Tique publishes, is a bureau for art and culture projects, and has its own exhibition space in Antwerp. It felt like a logical step to give this broadened perspective an added platform, with a new magazine: Tique | art paper.”

The first printed edition will follow in early 2016.